Best Homemade Table Saw Reviews, Accessories

Handmade table saw is a powerful tool with high performance. One major advantage of conveyers – maneuverability becomes a disadvantage when it is necessary to saw large amounts of wood. To simplify the process, you can easily put together a table for a circular saw with his own hands.

table design for hand-held circular saw is so easy that most wizards made it without preliminary drawings and diagrams. This sturdy workbench, which is made of wood and plywood. The most reliable basis for the table is made of metal. They are also the most difficult and requires the skills of the welder. Therefore, most coasters are made of waste lumber. Under the table top is attached circular saw, disk acts on it through a specially done by the slot. Timber advance on the countertop and sawn rotating disk. For convenience and accuracy of the table equipped with additional devices: angular and longitudinal stop.

Table top “eats” part of the working surface of the disk, the depth of cut is reduced by the thickness of the countertop. Therefore, it is desirable to select the circular saw with a maximum diameter of the disc, and the tabletop thin, but tough.

If the saw is not bought, pick a model with high power (1,200 watts). They will cope with saw cut large amounts of timber. For fixing at the base of the holes will be drilled: molten base may crack. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a tool with stamped soles.
selection of materials
Mount circular saw under the table
Mount circular saw under the table

To make a good stand for hand-held circular saws, it is necessary to recall carpentry skills, patience and a small amount of materials:

laminated plywood 15 – 20 mm;
bar 50 x 50;
external socket;
electric cable segment;
PVA glue;
lacquer on wood (if not laminated plywood);
self-tapping screws.

And tools:


The size will depend on the tabletop studio space. However, at too small table it will be uncomfortable to saw long stretches. If the item fits entirely on the work surface, cut runs smoother and neater. legs height is adjusted depending on the growth of the wizard.

For a small workshop convenient desktop design with approximate dimensions of 50 x 50 x 25 cm.
The manufacturing process of the table

Because the sheet is cut plywood tabletop required size. Markings applied to the bottom plane with a metal ruler and pencil. Jigsaw cut out plywood, edge frezeruem if necessary. If not laminated plywood, sanded surface of the table.
Overturn and the lower part of doing layout for fixing manual conveyers. To do this, the instrument remove the disc and set it on the sole of the desired location. Make a mark on the top and on the bottom of a fixture and a groove for the saw blade. Drilled bolt holes. They will twist the top, through the table top and the bottom kept nuts. Therefore, from the working surface of the hole zenkuem and bolts zashlifovyvayut hats so they do not protrude.
If you plan on cutting the material at different angles, the slot under the terms of the saw is carried out in the form of an inverted trapezoid. For smooth sawing operation, the ordinary groove. Before you cut the slot and fixing holes, attach the saw, adjust the level and only then cut out.
Apply a pencil location ribs. They are made from the board and set the bottom in 8 – 9 cm from the edge of the countertop. The legs of the table, we will attach to the ribs. The ribs are fixed with screws at intervals of 15 – 25 centimeters, additionally glued PVA. Self-tapping screws screwed from above, through the tabletop, head fully utaplivajut. Ribs are fastened together with long screws.
Table legs are made from the bar or board, their length ranges from 100 to 113 cm. Most of stability give legs slightly diverging downwards. They are fixed on the large bolts, twisted outside, the inside is secured with nuts. Ties will strengthen further from the bar frame.
To adjust the height of the table, below the nut attached into which are screwed bolts M14.
Now it is possible to fix the saw below, skipping the disk into the prepared groove.
It attaches to the inside of the table power outlet, missing from her electric wire and install the switch in a convenient location (on the outer part of the stiffeners). Power to the outlet will be supplied from the switch. From him stretch a wire to the nearest source of supply in the workshop. With construction ties fix the ON-OFF button on the circular saw body in a recessed position.

We proceed to the manufacture of auxiliary fence. To rip fence will need aluminum square tube №30 and two screws with wing nuts.

Saw off a piece of pipe along the length of countertops, 3 cm from the edge of the cut out holes for the screws.
Scrollsaw pressing two pieces of plywood. The design is ready.
For cutting across the table making sled made of plywood. They are aligned with respect to the edges of the table, pressed down and moved along the toothed wheel. In place of the circle pass to slide saws groove. Small items can be placed directly into the sled and sawing.

Dust Challenge is organized under the table, but most of the dust that scatters at the top, so be nice to complement the upper dust extraction device.

Work on the circular saw is very dangerous, so you need to take care of the protection of fingers. From the board or a piece of furniture board saw out the plunger.

Additions to construction

This construction can be completed riving knife to be removed. For him to wear protection for the drive, which cuts off the flow of swarf, flying straight into the joiner.

Some artists, collecting table on unique drawings, completely remove the protective casing factory, and the factory is replaced by a makeshift platform. If you do not plan to sawing at an angle, can be removed and all the devices for adjusting the tilt of the disc. Saw is fixed directly on a new basis, which allows to win a few millimeters cutting depth.

Without the inner casing is easier to remove a disc, drinking is not so much clogged chips when working with raw planks. Disassembly requires extra time, but is saved engine life, prevents overloading.

Review of Pregnancy Body Pillow – Pros and Cons

You know that we often suffer from a lack of information.Review of Pregnancy Body Pillow – This genius came up with a pillow

Extremely versatile

Over time, lose weight

Good afternoon.
You know that we often suffer from a lack of information.
During pregnancy (who gave birth, he will understand), when the stomach is already a decent size, at night I want to detach it and put together. However, it is extremely difficult to get enough sleep.

During this time I bought myself three different pillows that seemed to help me with this issue. And each time it was not something I was even in the store tried to simulate sleep with a pillow under the belly but actually came out differently.
When I gave birth, newly dad brought his mother (and how else to name recently given birth to a lady), pillow for feeding the baby.
Cute pillow in the shape of a horseshoe, within which are tiny balls. These beads allow a pillow to take a form that they have set up.

I liked her sweet gentle colors. This, by the way cover, which is removed and easily erased.

To feed her baby, it was really convenient. And the kid got comfortable, and my mother well. The methods may be different, you can put around you, you can collapse in the form of nest.

I really scolded her husband. Here you say that for such a useful thing in the house brought! Why not bring it to me when the baby was in the tummy? It’s just what you need.

There is a small minus. Balls in either wear out, or disappear unnoticed, but the pillow for the year ceased to be a tight, like new. But, baby feed on it is no longer necessary, so do not worry. It is said that selling additional filler, but I have not seen. By the way a child loves it. He sits down, wrapped, leans back, and udobnenko watching cartoons.

It turns out that the use of this miracle can be from the beginning of pregnancy until … until the child ceased to love her, but I also love to lie down on it, it is really very obliging.

The acquisition of this pillow is an important point in the preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. Experienced moms, I think, will confirm my words.

More nformation on article Sleep Problems in Pregnancy

Bissell Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

Bissell Spotbot Pet Review: Bissell Spotbot Pet – Best of the Best Cleaner!

Deep Reach Technology removes deep down stains, removes odor producing mildew, mold and bacteria


I want to tell about your indispensable assistant in the home cleaning – Bissell Spotbot Pet.

I learned about this vacuum cleaner almost immediately as it went on sale, and they immediately became delirious. And since it is not cheap, I decided to save for a miracle. During this time, I read about it all literally, learned all the features and reviews.
Finally accumulating the required amount, went shopping, hoping to save a little, but alas, if sellers have conspired, all stores was one price ~130 usd.
Thankfully I did not have a limit when I brought him home.

Vacuum packed in here was a huge box of very heavy for me, so I loaded it into the boot loaders store, and at home had to wait for her husband.

Components of the vacuum cleaner is very rich, there are a large number of different accessories:

Brush half of the carpet

Turbo-brush carpet which operates by air flow, the intensity of which can be adjusted on the brush itself – red switch.

The nozzle for cleaning hard floors, which can be used with an overlay of micro fiber without it.

So it looks like it from the back side. Cover secured with Velcro. Holds reliably – never gets lost.

Universal nozzle for washing carpets and floor coverings.

The cleaning nozzle for upholstered furniture

Conventional brush for upholstery and clothing

Brush to collect dust from a long nap

Crevice tool for hard to reach places

A container for storage of small nozzles

Which can be installed on the vacuum cleaner itself. Looks like that:
Also included were:

Means for the washing of upholstered furniture – 2 pcs
Means for cleaning hard floors – 2 pcs (unfortunately no photo)

Pouch wash pads microfiber

In a vacuum cleaner rather complicated construction and a lot of details to understand all take time and patience.

Here is the main container for garbage collection

I personally have a few days could not understand that this is for the contraption and what to do with it.

The manual is nowhere on this not specified. In the end, after much torment and puzzles, I finally realized that this is the float and only after operation of a vacuum cleaner with it understood how it works.

He inserted in a groove in the container.
Like this:

Needed by only wet cleaning – when the container fills with water, the float rises, shuts off the air, and a vacuum cleaner stops sucking. This is a safety feature so that no water gets into the engine.
Hoover works in two modes – dry and wet cleaning.

We proceed to the assembly of complex structure:

Limiter, which does not allow water to fall into a secondary filter compartment is as follows:

Install it in a container in such a way:

Primary filtration occurs in the container when the air passes through the water, and wherein the main debris settles. To do this, ordinary tap water poured into the container to a special mark.

It looks like the mode switch wet and dry:

Install it in a hole all the way forward so that REMOVE inscription was at the top – is a neutral mode for the installation of the parts and turn clockwise by selecting the desired mode.

In the photo mode is set dry cleaning – FILTER VAC

It looks like a secondary filter, which should be washed ordinary tap water as pollution.

Set it in here in this complex item

Then insert this construction in the top cover slots and snaps. Everything is almost ready.

Next nalevaem water in the reservoir up to the mark, and close the lid.

And finally, the assembly is completed. It is difficult of course, but it’s just not used to, 3-4 build all these manipulations can be performed in 30 seconds.

Then just put the container harvested in a special compartment on the vacuum cleaner hose and tube snaps.

Behind is the reservoir for clean water.

To begin wet cleaning, it is necessary to pour into the tank a special liquid for washing vacuum cleaners and pour hot water to the mark.

The cover is also a beaker. One cover means enough for a full tank of water.

I buy special liquids it is for this vacuum cleaner, there are only three types. I currently only two, the third sadly ended.

Next, set the mode switch on the wet cleaning and all three buttons are located behind – water heating, power button and the button pump to supply water. Indicators should illuminate.
Vacuum cleaner heats poured hot water by 15 degrees. Therefore, waiting for a minute to warm the water is still and you are ready to wet cleaning. As a result, even when washing and kill bacteria by means of hot water.

Powered Vacuum quite noisy but effective. And the dry and wet cleaning is just perfect. The suction power is good. Special turbo brush perfectly manifests itself on the carpet, collecting all the hair. Especially irreplaceable thing if the house there are animals, wool gathering great. In addition, it creates vibrations that knock the dust out of a carpet depths. The smell of dust or other foreign odors at work does not arise, because of the three-stage filtration – water, dust and fine filters HEPA, which retains the smallest particles – for allergy sufferers. I love to add more water to filter oil aroma – the smell to the apartment after a cleaning just magical. The result – perfectly clean air and crystal clean house.
My and I tidy up this vacuum everything – pylesoshu floors, dust from all surfaces, as well as with clothes, embossing carpets, mattresses, curtains, my upholstered furniture, carpeting, make the car dry cleaning. In short a miracle rather than a vacuum cleaner!

Some wrote in a review that the vacuum cleaner leaves too much water on the floor – it’s not. In the beginning I also had wet floors, but just need to understand the principle, like a vacuum cleaner collects the water, and if you do everything right the floors are completely dry.
Wash them very easily – just need to press the lever on the need, which is located on the handle.

The carpet, too, with the right approach after the wash will be slightly moist, but will have absolutely dry in a couple of hours. Wash off even long-standing spot, it needs to breed stronger solution.
I in this vacuum cleaner are no difficulties do not arise.
After every cleaning need not be lazy, wash and dry the container and all of its parts. It is necessary. So the vacuum cleaner will last longer, and it will not have unpleasant odors. Inside the container is coated with a special antibacterial coating that prevents the growth of bacteria.
Keep the vacuum cleaner is also convenient. The cord is wound around a special projection on which the button.

A brush tube mounted on a compact cleaner body, which holder has a groove.

Collected, put in a corner and everything – beauty!

I just love this vacuum cleaner, do not know what can be even better. This is my magic wand. Despite the fact that I had bought a year ago, the price for it as high. At the moment, this vacuum cleaner is simply no equal!

Ten super weight loss drinks that will help shed pounds at a faster rate


Drinking a lot of water boosts the rate of fat metabolism by thirty percent. It is therefore important to drink at least three classes of water thirty minutes before every meal. This must be a total of eight classes of water every day. This will increase rate of fat metabolism on the belly parts of the body. (source

Coconut water Coconut water

Coconut water has calorie flavor that properties of reducing cholesterol levels. These cholesterols are fat droplets that have accumulated leading to heavy weight. Therefore reducing the level of these cholesterols automatically translates to loss of body weight.

White teaWhite tea

This is completely opposite of black tea. Research shows that white tea breaks down fats and prevent the formation of fat cells on human tissues. Breaking down of fat droplets will significantly reduce body weight.

Lemon waterLemon water

Lemon water helps human body to digest food well. It also boosts the rate of metabolism once food has been fully digested. This results in regulation of fats that are taken in to tissues. This therefore reduces fat accumulation which is associated with heavy body weight.

Vegetable juiceVegetable juice

Study found that a person using at least eight cups of vegetable juice everyday lose weight at the rate of twelve percent per week. Taking vegetable juice increases intake of vitamin c and reduce intake of carbohydrates.


Drinking coffee with caffeine according to studies prevents weight gain. This is because it reduces human appetite to eat which in most cases associated with heavy weight.

Aloe Vera juiceAloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera juice is a natural laxative product. Laxative components are essential for body weight , this therefore ids the best juice for obese people.

Green tea Green tea

Green tea increases the rate of fat metabolism. It also prevent the development of fat cells in human tissues which is a condition associated with heavy weight. Green tea also play an important role in excretion of excess fats from the body.

Super fat melting drinkSuper fat melting drink

This is a mixture of cucumber juice, lemon and ginger. This increases the level of fat melting and it will be excreted out of the body. Rate of metabolism is also triggered by use of this drink. This will ensure that fats are all excreted from the body if not used

Chia Fresca juiceChia Fresca juice

This is extracted from chia seeds. Components in the juice reduce the accumulation of fats in tissues. It increases the metabolism rate ensuring that all fats are excreted from the body as lipids.


Material from